Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Battle for Iam - The Patriarch's Address

“My people. Children of Iam. The Harvelk Hordes are at our gates. They have torn through our territory, pillaging, destroying, massacring and butchering; now they are here. They have dared to step onto the sacred ground of Vordis-Iam! They kill our women and children, lay waste to all that we have built. In doing so they have paid their final insult. They think to destroy us, they believe that We are weak, that they can merely brush us aside like a minor inconvenience. I say No! I say that we shall drive them from Iam, we shall cleanse all Iamum of their taint and show them just how mistaken they are. We fight for our very existence for the enemy would see us wiped from history. But we will not be forgotten! In eras yet to come unborn generations will ask in wonder of this glorious fight. They will be told how we endured, steadfast in our duty to rid ourselves of the Harvelk affliction. How we unleashed such terrible and ferocious vengeance upon them that their ancestors still weep when they remember that once they were foolish enough to bring war upon us. They may splinter our bodies but our spirit and duty to Iamum will never be broken! When this struggle ends they will know the name of Iam and the price of disturbing our peace!”

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